Optional Five Seat Package for BMW X6

After the customers and the media have complained that the BMW X6 can accommodate only four people on board, the Bavarians from BMW inserted between the optional features of the X6 a rear seat with three individual seats.

BMW X6 Rear Seat

Citing sources within the Bavarian brand, we find that the Germans from BMW would “fix” very soon one of the major shortcomings of the X6. If this time the model has only four seats, the two individual rear seats creating much discussion between potential customers and not only, X6 could be put up for sale soon with an optional rear seat which comprises three separate places.

The current configuration of the rear seat of the BMW X6 stands out through the center console separating the two seats available for the customers. It is removable, being one of the factors that BMW hopes to impart their model a picture of an ultra comfortable SUV.

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  1. When would the BMW X6 will have option for five passengers.

    Lots of people asking

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