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VIDEO: Camouflaged Future BMW X3 spotted in Munich

The next generation of the BMW X3 was caught while testing in Munich. As you can see, the model have external dimensions comparable with the current generation X5. From the video we can see that the taillights are equipped with LED technology, the optical blocks are bigger, but also the model received some air slots and the grille of the front bumper is lower.


Talking about the engines, we know that the next generation of BMW X3 will get some updates, in order to achieve better performance and lower emissions.

We also know that BMW won’t develop a performance version of BMW X3. The model will be available both with four-cylinder and six-cylinder units. BMW X3′s dimensions are very close to X5′s, so, the rumors which said that the X3 will replace the X5 talking about exterior dimensions may be confirmed. Till then, let’s see the video with the next generation BMW X3 on streets:

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