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1 Series! The name of the BMW’s front-wheel drive model for 2013

BMW is preparing for 2013 a cheaper alternative for their fans. The model will be called 1 Series, will have front-wheel drive and will offer more interior space. The successor of the current 1 Series, expected in 2011, will keep the rear propulsion.

BMW 1 Series

In their quest to maintain the leadership in the premium segment worldwide, BMW will seek to broaden the range of models in coming years. But to increase sales significantly, the German manufacturer needs new customers in other market segments.

For these reasons, we could see a deviation of the Bavarian brand philosophy, in a new completely direction, more affordable by the mass: volume vehicle segment. New front-wheel drive platform created for the Mini would open the way for BMW, which apparently is planning a new entry-level position under the future 1 Series. The family of the current compact model from Munich will continue to keep the rear propulsion and will not abandon the premium status.

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