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VIDEO: The new BMW M3 GTS on Nurburgring’s asphalt

BMW has recently published a promotional spot for the new M3 GTS, the extreme version of the Bavarian model. To better illustrate what the coupe model can do, the Germans chose the asphalt on the Nurburgring circuit.


The BMW M3 GTS is capable to develop up to 450 hp from a 4.4 lter V8 engne coupled to a 7-speed M-DCT gearbox. We presented you recently a video shot by an amateur, that surprised the M3 GTS on the Nurburgring circuit. As a conclusion, now, we know, that they were shooting that day for this official video that you’ll see in this post.

Entering deeper intro the model’s specifications, we find that for the interior are available Alcantara leather, carbon fiber elements, six-point safety belts and more. The model comes also with a rollbar for safety. The price of the model is 115,000 euros. If you want a BMW M3 GTS, you have to know that the model will be built just on order.

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