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More about the BMW 5 Series GT by Hamann

The German tuning house has modified BMW 5 Series GT to show everyone that the SAV may look good from whatever angle you look. Hamann wanted to prove to everyone that even the most controversial models on the market may look good when they fit on the hands of an experienced tuner.

BMW 5 Series GT by Hamann

Germans tried their luck with the intense criticized BMW 5 Series GT, the Bavarian SAV, received not very enthusiastically by the public because of the exterior design. Hamann has attempted to rectify the image of the German model with a complex kit, able to offer a sportier and more aggressive air.

BMW 5 Series GT by Hamann

The exterior has received an aerodynamic kit, which comes installed over several series components. The model received also an extension to the rear bumper, discrete side skirts and a deflector positioned on the trunk lid.

BMW 5 Series GT by Hamann

The diesel BMW 530d GT, received a new ECU unit, which increase the total power from 245 to 275 horses, and torque jumps from 540 to 620 Nm of torque.

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