BMW Sales increasead in 2010

BMW reported a profit increase in first quarter of 2010, managing to deliver a total of 315,614 units globally. All three brands of the group saw increases in sales. Although they crossed a difficult period in 2009, being in the situation of losing its leading position in the premium segment, BMW has reported a good profit after the first quarter of 2010. Before tax, Bavarian treasury succeeded to reach 512 million euros.

Increasing BMW Sales

Looking at the same period of 2009, when profits fell by almost 200 million, the current performance is indeed a success. The revenues increased by approximately 8.1 percent, to 12.5 million euros, the total number of cars sold by the three brands, BMW, Rolls Royce and Mini, being also increased with 13.8%.

More specifically, the German group delivered in the first quarter of 2010 a total of 315,614 units, compared to only 277,654 units in the corresponding period of 2009. BMW boss believes that revenues will grow dynamically throughout the year, driven by strong demand from the premium market and by the launch of the new generation 5 Series model.

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