BMW X3 Police Car tested by Bavarian Police

BMW granted Bavarian police the chance to test a particular BMW X3 equipped specially for intervention. What’s the stake? The police people will renew shortly their lot of police cars.

BMW X3 Police Car

While the worldwide police people boast with super fast intervention models, police in Munich shows us something more practical of an intervention vehicle. BMW has given the chance for people from Bavarian police to test for several months a BMW X3 unit specially prepared for surgery, following them to order a full batch of cars if the results will thank them.

BMW X3 Police Car

The model tested by police in Bavaria is a six-cylinder diesel engine that develops 218 hp and have the classic xDrive, all-wheel drive system patented by BMW. Obviously, the model that is so far in testing is equipped with all technological elements necessary for police to do their duty, the LEDs that will play the role of light signals are “hidden” between the classic lines of the BMW X3.

BMW X3 Police Car

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