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More details about the possible BMW X4

BMW is considering more and more serious the idea of a model positioned below the BMW X6, named X4, developed on the X3 next generation platform. The model would be oriented to performance. Next years could bring in front of the audience a new BMW model with the X indicative. The success enjoyed by the current BMW X6 could determine Germans to approve the development of a younger brother, named X4.


The 80,000 copies of BMW X6 delivered from 2008 so far, have exceeded the Germans expectations and have made many officials to dream of a continue widening of the range. Sources inside the German manufacturer revealed that on the management board in Munich is a project that awaits the approval: a performance crossover positioned below the X6 and named X4.

If the initiative receives the green light, a possibly younger brother of BMW X6 is expected to lend the new platform that BMW will introduce once with the launch of the new generation X3. The influence older brother will probably be felt at the exterior’s design, similar to that of the X6, but inspired by the X Coupe concept from 2001.

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