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BMW considering a new model: The X4

Seeing how the BMW X6 has had a tremendous success, the Bavarians are seriously considering the creation of a smaller brother for it.



Since it’s launch back in 2008 the BMW X6 has sold over 80.000 units so it would only make sense to make a smaller, more affordable version of it.

The BMW X6 has been even more controversial then all of the styling decisions made by Chris Bangle a few years ago as almost nobody seemed to understand the concept  behind the car. Nevertheless the sales figure speak for themselves and they make up the best proof behind the demand for sporty off-roaders.

While the X4 hasn’t gotten the green light yet, actually, it doesn’t even have this name yet. What it could be is a car based on the X3 platform, that would draw stylistic inspiration from the X6, obviously, and from the X Coupe Concept presented in 2001.

Since BMW has been responsible for creating niche products such as the 5 Series GranTurismo or the BMW X1 the X4 could well be soon coming to a dealership near you. How soon? Well possibly around the same time the BMW Gran Coupe hits the market in 2012.


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