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BMW recalls X5 M in U.S. because of some missing power supply cables

BMW will do a recall of 735 X5 M units on the market in United States of America because the side marker lamps are not powered by electricity and they don’t meet the American standards in this respect.


Americans from NHTSA have ordered the people from BMW to carry out a recall for the BMW X5 M on the market in the United States. This recall affects about 735 BMW X5 M units sold in the U.S., which were produced between July 1, 2009 and January 25, 2010. The models does not meet the American standards in terms of lighting and reflectors.

This recall doesn’t affect models sold in the European market because they do not need those lights, there are about position lights mounted on the vehicle profile. In short, position lamps used in the United States of America, located on the edges of the front bumper of BMW X5 Ms are not powered by electricity.

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  1. USA has a huge Problem…
    Standers i just have to laugh at that if i compare German Technology compare to their GM craps.
    Sorry i am not offending any US people here. But think about it..this is ridicules what they are doing to BMW.

  2. @John You are right!

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