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VIDEO: Widebody kit created by Vorsteiner for BMW M3

Tuners from Vorsteiner created a special body kit for BMW M3, which gives a particular look for the performance model.

BMW M3 by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner tuners have developed a body kit for BMW M3 E92. It is called GTRS3 M3 and consists of a series of elements that gives the BMW M3 an extremely aggressive look, but not compromising in terms of performance, thanks of the development of these elements in a wind tunnel. The whole package is made of carbon fiber and makes the M3 to have a wider body. The international network of Vorsteiner will sell only 100 GTRS3 packages for BMW M3.

BMW M3 by Vorsteiner

Front and rear wings were enlarged, and the side sills are connected between them in a aesthetically way. Front bumper is made entirely of carbon fiber and can be equipped with a special splitter. The rear bumper receive an integrated air diffuser, made of carbon fiber, while the trunk’s lid was replaced by an element that reminds the M3 CSL from E46 generation, made of carbon fiber also.

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  1. Hello , I was hopping to find out if it’s possible to buy one of the body kits. Is it possible?

  2. Hello, please check here:
    Have a nice day and keep reading our BMW blog.

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