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More about the Electric BMW 5 Series LWB

The idea of an electric BMW 5 Series already took shape in China, where the Germans unveiled at Beijing Auto Show an increased wheelbase version, alternative powered. BMW presented the audience in Beijing the increased wheelbase version of the next generation 5 Series, but they prepared a surprise, which nobody expected.

BMW 5 Series LWB

Bavarians have announced an electric concept based on the increased wheelbase version of 5 Series, named Echo, the result of an earlier partnership between BMW and Tongji University. Currently there wasn’t published too many details, the only precious information being related to the autonomy of the electric model, estimated at 100 km.

The official press release announced that the electric version was “built in China, by China, for the Chinese public”, which means that Europe will enjoy an ecological experiment based on 5 Series, completely different. Unofficial sources said that the electric prototype will not end in a series model, while other voices say the Germans ended the partnership with Tongji University to see how advanced is the technology of electric cars in China.

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