BMW 6-Series

2011 BMW 6 Series Coupe Rendering

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Basically what BMW need to do is to take the BMW Gran Coupe Concept, take off a couple of doors, redo the lower part of the bumper to remove those awful looking LED fog lights to get something nice, simple and fluent with lighting that is as discrete as possible, that should be enough to highlight the amazing wheels.

So BMW, willing to listen and make us a 6 Series that actually gets bought for looks?


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  1. Hell, I have an 86 325 Super ETA and have had it just over a year I have a feeling I wont want or need any other car for some time. BMW delinitefy knows how to make a driving machine. Suspension/chassis still feels like it just rolled off the line in 86. Slight valve noise, but thats all.One thing i’m worried about newer models, is all the electronic stuff. I don’t want a car that drives itself. I can see people becoming complacent on the road already. Safety can Kill

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