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First BMW’s electric model scheduled for 2013

BMW announced it will launch its first electric vehicle for the city in 2013. It is part of the Megacity project and will be built at the plant in Leipzig.

BMW ActiveE Concept

BMW has officially confirmed the launch of the new urban model for 2013. In the first phase, peopla at BMW Group announced it will launch the first electric city model in 2015, and today’s announcement represents a reason of joy for fans of electric models. BMW announced during last week that the new city model will be launched by a group brand, but has not clarified if it will create a new special brand for vehicles in Megacity project or it will be launched under Mini brand.

The new city model will be built at BMW’s factory in Leipzig and will use carbon fiber components built in the United States. Bodyworkl ements of carbon fiber will be done in the partnership with between SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers LLC and BMW Group, a partnership signed few months ago.

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