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Vorsteiner GTRS3

Just reading a name such as Vorsteiner GTRS3 makes you feel like some sort of deadly military machine is on you tail.

Vorsteiner GTR3S BMW M3

Vorsteiner GTR3S BMW M3

In reality, this name is synonymous with a very… “evil” looking wide body kit for the BMW M3 Coupe.

Vorsteiner isn’t a tuning company that specializes in any sort of product as it’s offering mods for Porsche, Mercedes, Bentley and BMW alike. This kit particular kit that has been setup for the M3 is quite a special one, I might even dare say it’s one of the best looking the most renown small sports saloon has ever come to “wear”.

What Vorsteiner do to create the GTRS3 is take an ordinary M3 coupe body and strip it down till just the doors and roof are still in place. Then they create all the parts (front fenders, skirts, rear fenders, extensions for them, so on and so forth) from scratch and use carbon fiber while at it.

Since adding a body kit that looks this good isn’t enough, there’s also a few options, a new hood, a carbon fiber boot lid, a stainless steel exhaust and a set of very special wheels: forged V-308 Vorsteiner.

In case this sounds like an offer you’re interested in, you may want to make up your mind quickly as only 100 kits such as these will be sold world wide.

Vorsteiner GTR3S BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTR3S BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTR3S BMW M3


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