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Spy Photos: BMW testing Hydrogen Prototype

Here we have the first images of the BMW 1 Series prototype with front-wheel drive and hybrid gasoline-hydrogen drive train. We presented in the previous article that BMW has created a 1 Series prototype with front-wheel drive that was fueled with gasoline, and hydrogen.

BMW 1 Series Hydrogen

The model was used as a cover to test the new train propulsion of the manufacturer in Munich, which promises an alternative to the conventional hydrogen vehicles presented so far. Thus, the rear wheels are engaged by an electric motor powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, while the front wheels are engaged by an internal combustion engine. The ensemble creates a hybrid that can run either on petrol or on hydrogen depending on available resources and needs.

BMW 1 Series Hydrogen

Photographers from Carpix provided us spy photos while this model was powered by hydrogen. Although the body shows no difference from a conventional 1 Series hatchback, the model was powered by a high-pressure hydrogen cylinder. Moreover, on the rear windows was visible the inscription “Hybrid Test Vehicle”, present also on another BMW 1 Series used in test, surprised some time ago.

BMW 1 Series Hydrogen

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