BMW 1-Series

BMW 1 Series and Mini hydrogen powered prototype

Future BMW with front-wheel drive and the next generation Mini will may be equipped with a hybrid propulsion system, that will use electric cells on hydrogen. Germans from BMW have announced a new hydrogen-powered train that could be installed on the next generation Mini and on the new platform with front-wheel drive from BMW.

BMW 1 Series Hydrogen Powered

According to the first informations, the hydrogen powered train fits in a current Mini Clubman, which means that the intended model has a minimum length of four meters and has front-wheel drive. BMW engineers have already made many tests with prototypes based on BMW 1 Series, but were equipped with a front-wheel drive system and hydrogen supply system mentioned above.

MINI Hydrogen Powered

The new propulsion system from BMW uses a front-wheel drive platform and an electric geared rear axle. The engine that powers the wheels on the rear axle are powered by hydrogen fuel cells and the whole system uses high power capacitors.

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