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Tuners from Arkym Aerosport developed a kit for BMW M3

BMW M3 enjoys an aerodynamic kit special developed from people at Arkym Aerosport, in order to add extra style to the model. Specialists from Arkym Aerosport created an aerodynamic package for the BMW M3 that match also the 3 Series Sedan and Coupe models.

BMW M3 by Arkym Aerosport

The aerodynamic kit is made entirely of carbon fiber and is mounted without any modification of the standard body. American tuners from Arkym Aerosport announced their new aerodynamic kit for the BMW M3, available also on the 3 Series Sedan E90, but also for 3 Series Coupe E92.

BMW M3 by Arkym Aerosport

The aerodynamic package is specifically designed to be 100% compatible with the original BMW’s body features and are applied directly on these elements, without any drilling or other unaesthetic modifications. All the tuning elements of this package are made of carbon fiber manufactured using vacuum infusion. Arkym kit for BMW 3 Series includes an aerodynamic lip for the front bumper, a rear air diffuser and a spoiler on the trunk’s lid.

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