BMW Opens “Classic Center” – A Service Center for Classic Cars

BMW has extended the restoration center of the classic models for the general public. It is called Classic Center and is located in Munich. Germans from BMW have expanded their classic center in Munich also for the general public. They have taken this decision after a statistic made after estimating that one in 10 units produced during the 1980s is still on the road. Thus, 600,000 cars and 70,000 motorcycles are in the highlights of the BMW, but the total number of vehicles is much higher.

BMW Classic Center

The people at BMW have decided to help the public enthusiast for classic cars seeking qualified help, and who may be more than qualified to repair classic models that the mechanics trained by the engineers who created them.

BMW Classic Center

Also, BMW opened a Motorsport division for Classic Center, which will organize competitions between private teams who have classical models. Before extending to the public, the classic center of BMW in Munich was called Historic Workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to repair and maintenance of the collection of classic BMW models.

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  1. I have bmw 740i 95 model well they call it e38 so the problem with this classic is the gearbox and quite friendly it looks like everyone who is driving or owning this car is sharing the same tears of gearbox. I have not find any center that sell the gearbox parts so they all say (Buy) the new one I dont want to sell this car yet as I have not enjoy the full ride so is there any help I can get? Well we know the box box of this car is very costy when is new so any best guy who can fix it without ripping me off because I am finish of bieng ripped off. Maybe bmw will look at making this box cheaper or repairable I really need heklp her.

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