BMW and SGL Group carbon fiber deal for Megacity Project

BMW will produce carbon fiber in the United States along with the people from SGL Group. The components made will be used for the electric models from Megacity project.

BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer

Germans from BMW signed a partnership with those from SLG Group in order to build a high-tech factory which will produce carbon fiber components for electric vehicles. The factory that will be located in Washington, and the investment is amounted to 74.7 million euros in the first phase. The people at BMW have announced that the materials produced at this plant will be used exclusively for Megacity project models that will be assembled in Leipzig.

Those models will debut on the market in 2015 and will be 100% electric. In the first phase, about 80 jobs will be formed. Until now, carbon fiber was used in series production models for the general public. This technology started in the Formula 1 cars. BMW’s electric vehicles will use carbon fiber to achieve extremely high structural rigidity in conditions that require the smallest total mass possible.

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