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Spy Photos: 2011 BMW X3 tested on Munchen’s Streets

BMW engineers are testing the new X3 on the streets of Munich. The model is camouflaged very subtle, which means that the new BMW X3 will start soon at a major auto show. From what we see, the model is complete in terms of patterns from outside, which means that the 2011 BMW X3 could begin even at the Paris Motor Show, if not sooner.

2011 BMW X3 Spy Shots

BMW X3 gets the design language of his younger brother from X1 with features from X5. Compared with the current generation, the prototype tested is quite wider, taller and longer. This confirms the rumors that states that the X3 will take place of the X5 in terms of interior and exterior dimensions, while the X5 will be bigger, to rival models like Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GL/ML.

2011 BMW X3 Spy Shots

This time, the BMW X3 has a more aggressive design, with more personality. The model has higher optical blocks and a front bumper with a grille mounted a little lower and bigger air vents. The taillights of this model are equipped with LEDs and the D-pillar is also changed.

2011 BMW X3 Spy Shots

BMW X3′s range of engines is also upgraded, to get both more power and performance, and increased autonomy with reduced emissions. The new X3 will be equipped with both six-cylinder engines, as well as a number of four-cylinder units – most likely taken directly from X1.

2011 BMW X3 Spy Shots

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