BMW 6-Series / Spy Photos

Spy Photos: New Generation BMW 6 Series

New spy photos with the future generation of the BMW 6 Series on the road appeared on the Internet. Although the car is hidden pretty much under the camouflage, we can make a pretty clear idea about how it will look. A small problem remains unclear: it’s the coupe-cabrio version in the pictures or not?

On the roof can be seen, near the central pillar, a line that might suggest that the roof is segmented, as in the case of a retractable hardtop. A similar line can be seen also above the windscreen.

On the other hand, the glass rear window is very generous, while the trunk lid seems shorter – which could mean, in fact, that the ceiling is fixed and the car present in these spy photos is indeed the coupe version of future BMW 6 Series. Other details of the back are hardly to be noticed, hidden well enough under the camouflage.

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  1. i want all news and pictures of new bmw models in future.

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