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VIDEO: BMW 5 Series LWB in China

BMW has released the version with increased wheelbase of the 5 Series model, exclusively for the Chinese market. The model increased by 14 inches in wheelbase.

After the extension of the new 5 Series wagon, BMW shows exclusively for the Chinese audience another derivative long awaited by Asian audiences, great lover of variants with increased wheelbase. The new generation of the German model comes as a cheaper alternative for those wanting a 7 Series, but keep the equipment and comfort that BMW has used the fans.

The new body variant grew in wheelbase by 14 inches, which means that the interior space for rear seats has increased proportionally. The exterior design also felt the increase in size, the distance between pillars now offering a more dynamic look. This is not the first time we talk about the BMW 5 Series Long-Wheelbase launched in China, actually it’s the second time but now we have the video with the version launched in China. We may probably talk one more time about this subject, focusing on few extra details, it remains to be seen, stay tuned to BMWCoop.

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