BMW M6 Individual for Mark Carson

Here’s a BMW M6, but not an ordinary one, that’s sure. This special edition, BMW M6 Individual, was ordered by an American, Mark Carson, member of M5Board. So, he may be called a fine connoisseur of the Bavarian brand. The exterior color for this special BMW M6 is called Ontario Gold, and the interior with the “Champagne” and “Gold Brown” shades adds another touch of uniqueness for Carson’s BMW M6.

But the particular item, an unused element so far for finishing by BMW, is the very rare “Hawaiian Koawood” wood. BMW Magazine devoted also a material to American that has chosen a special model.

It is a quite controversial matching, but because we aren’t taking here about the tastes, we can debate only the car’s features. If you take your car just to show you wealthy and you don’t know too much things about it, then there is a problem. But if you’re first passionate about cars and being part of a community of fanatics, then they can say that you are a passionate with something special tastes. Video to come soon!

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  2. Ibrahim senan says:

    I’m Ibrahim senan from yemen i have 20 years old
    I’ll do anything to have this car i love BMW cars it’s wish my life

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