BMW preparing M 50d, a Performance diesel 5 Series

Here we have some rumors that BMW is preparing a performance 5 Series diesel model. A series of abbreviations recently registered by BMW reveals intentions of the manufacturer in Munich. So, we find that Bavarians are working on a tri-turbo diesel performance model, an electric range and a range of front wheel drive models.

A series of information supplied at the center of brand’s trademark has betrayed before time the future plans of BMW. Bavarian manufacturer plans to significantly expand its model range in the future, and this is proved by the new indicative registered by the Germans.

The first indications lead us to a range of electric models, to new performance versions, to the new range of subcompact models with front-wheel drive and to new body derivatives. The indicative list includes these names: M 50d, Urbanic, Gran Coupe, Compactive, Compactive Tourer, all combinations from i1 to i9 and from E1 to E9. More details about this you’ll find soon, be sure you check later.

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