Photos and Details Alpina B7 Biturbo ALLRAD xDrive

The four wheel traction for the Alpina B7 Biturbo ALLRAD xDrive gave the first Alpina model a superior control combining power, elegance and sporty character. BMW wants to exploit better the sportive potential of the xDrive system and inserts it to the Alpina Sports Division as optional for the Alpina B7.

So, the resulting model is a more accurate vehicle, Alpina B7 Biturbo ALLRAD xDrive, but just as powerful and dynamic. The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine is rated at 500 hp and 700 Nm of torque, but it can be better exploited with new traction, but without affecting the performances, sprint to 100 km/h lasted 4.7 seconds.

The control is the watchword of this B7 version, offering three ways to set dynamic behavior, depending on the skill and confidence level of the driver. The Comfort mode sets the suspension in the most relaxed way, the direction’s response is less strong, the sudden change resulting in a slightly understeer, as specified in the official press release, this being the most appropriate way to run in less favorable weather conditions.

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