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BMW 5 Series tuned by Ac Schnitzer

I have to say that I was kind of missing the Ac Schnitzer tuning kits but I was also missing the tuning programs for the BMW 5 Series because they have something special, they look professional probably or don’t know what, I just love them and here we got both namely a tuning program from Ac Schnitzer for the BMW 5 Series.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the tuner released only the details about the wheels and the tires but don’t worry that this is going to be all, there will also be some power upgrades which makes this tuning program very cool.

As I said, the tuner released on the internet, only the details about the wheels and the tires so you should know that this BMW 5 Series by Ac Schnitzer comes with Type IV 19” or 20” wheels in BiColor or Silver color and also 20” Type V lightweight forged wheels.


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