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VIDEO: BMW M3 Race Team Drivers Introduction

We presented you few time ago, the first part of “Joy is Racing“. Here we have the second part of the “Joy is Racing” campaign, and it’s called 2010 Team Introduction. If you are wondering what the video introduces, it introduces the BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team for 2010.

In the main role we have the 2010 BMW M3 GT, of course. The team is composed by Bill Auberlen, Driver, No. 92., Tommy Milner, Driver, No. 92., Joey Hand, Driver, No. 90., Dirk Mueller, Driver, No. 90., Martin Birkmann, BMW NA Motorsport Manager and Bobby Rahal, Team Principal.

To be part of BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team is certainly something special. Each driver explains his feelings about being a driver in BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team. You can see in the video below what means for each driver to be part of the racing team. “BMW Rahal Letterman Racing it is like the best dream job you can ever have” stated Bill Auberlen, one of the M3′s driver.

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