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BMW S1000RR tuned by AC Schnitzer with photos and details

I have to say that I don’t remember to have ever talked about a tuned motorcycle but now we are really going to talk about a tuned motorcycle or better said, we are going to talk about the BMW S1000RR which is tuned by Ac Schnitzer and I have to say by now that it doesn’t come with any performance upgrades because it doesn’t need such a thing.

Now you may wonder what’s new at this tuned BMW S1000RR by Ac Schnitzer. Well, it comes with adjustable handlebars, adjustable clamp, brake and clutch levers, a carbon fiber exhaust silencer which looks awesome on this motorcycle, crash bungs, performance air-filter and a number plate hanger.

At the moment, the price is unknown but if I would be looking for a BMW S1000RR and I would hear this news, I must say that I would think a lot about it and I would probably buy this tuned motorcycle.


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