BMW front-wheel-drive model?

At the Geneva Motor Show in 2010, Norbert Reithofe, head of BMW Group, said that BMW will use in the near future Mini’s platform for one of their model. The model that will be the first BMW front-wheel-drive model!

According to an interview with the head of BMW Group at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010, the Bavarians will soon propose on the market the first BMW front-wheel-drive model. How is that possible, when all the fans appreciate the BMW models with traditional propulsion? According to national studies, those from BMW came to the conclusion that there exists a growing demand for small class premium cars. Cars as Mini or, more importantly for the Bavarians, as the new Audi A1.

Do not confuse the new small class premium BMW with the Mega City Vehicle project, electric city car. They are focusing on cost savings: Bavarian engineers are working to create a common platform, that will be used for the next generation of Mini and is designed for front or full drive. It is possible that this platform to stand at the base of the third generation of the BMW 1 Series.

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