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BMW X6 M by Vorsteiner Renderings

BMW X6 M received another tuning kit, this time we deal with an aesthetic package developed by tuners from Vorsteiner. Tuners from Vorsteiner created another aerodynamic kit for BMW, this time for the BMW X6 M model. The package is called VRS Aero and is the newest addition to the tuner’s range. Aesthetic package is made of carbon fiber and excels at quality thanks to how it was done.

Those from Vorsteiner are making all the carbon fiber in a vacuum, which confers a 30% higher resistance than the equivalent made by conventional methods. The aerodynamic package contains a lip for the front spoiler, a ventilated hood, a spoiler mounted on the tailgate’s door and a rear air diffuser. All these elements are complemented by a set of alloy wheels, V-102 model, with a 23-inch size and equipped with Michelin tires.

The new carbon fiber hood is 40% lighter than the original hood of BMW X6 M, and it is equipped with a series of ventilation slots to ensure optimum engine ventilation. The back air diffuser of this model emphasizes the form of the rear bumper and the exhaust, and its shape accelerates the air from under the vehicle.

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