BMW confirmed Front-Wheel Small Car for the future

If some time ago there were some rumors saying that BMW is going to build a front-wheel small car, well, as you can see, those rumors have been confirmed officially by BMW which is very cool because if you’re using your car more in the city, well, maybe this new future BMW product is going to be a perfect choice talking about the city cars.

With these confirmed rumors, there are coming up more little rumors like there may also be all-wheel-drive for this small car either that at the moment it is named the front-wheel future car from BMW.

Anyway, there is not going to be any rear-wheel drive so the BMW 1 Series will still remain the smallest rear-drive BMW because this future small car is probably going to be much smaller than the BMW 1 Series. Also, the photos from this post are just some renderings I found on the internet with this BMW front-wheel small car.


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  1. I want to know when you go to sell the new small car BMW


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