More about the BMW M Bike

We wrote you some time ago about the first bike created by the BMW’s M Division. Now we’ll focus more on this bike. BMW is offering a new bike for their cycling enthusiasts customers. This time, the new bike is developed by the M Division and weighs 12.9 kg.

M division‘s engineers of BMW had created an ultra-light bike, which offers top performances. It is available in three different sizes and has a mass of only 12.9 kg. The frame is made of aluminum, like the front suspension, and both elements are designed by BMW engineers. The fork is made by people from Manitou and has a dual suspension fork and disc brakes on both wheels.

BMW M Bike will be available in limited quantities starting July in certain representations and on the official portal BMW Shop. The price of this bike has not yet been revealed, but the most expensive BMW bike available has a price of 3,000 euros, while a bike for children costs 260 euros and the cheapest bike for adults cost 869 euros. We can expect that BMW M bike to cost 5,000 euros, if not more. All the BMW M bicycles are painted in a matte shade of anthracite. The saddle is wearing leather and has seams made with red yarn.

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