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The New BMW 5 Series prices for Romania

BMW released today the prices for the new 5 Series generation for Romania. I know this may be not very interesting for you, but I have to make my duty for our few readers from Romania, because I’m also from Romania. The sedan goes from 42,661 euros, price applied to the 204 horsepower 523i version.

The public in Romania hadn’t to wait too long for the launch of the new BMW 5 Series in Romania. The Bavarian sedan comes on the local market with six engine versions, four petrol and two diesels.

New generation BMW 5 Series goes from 42,661 euros with VAT, price available to the entry-level 523i version, equipped with a 3.0 liter engine capable to develop 204 horsepower. For those who want some extra power, the BMW provides the derivatives 528i of 258 horsepower, 535i developing 306 horsepower and the top of the range 550i developing 407horsepower. The top of the range, BMW 550i will cost in Romania 60,000 euros excluding VAT, 71,400 euros with all taxes included.

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