BMW 3-Series

Photos and details about the BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics

Here we got some really cool news namely that the is going to be built a BMW 320d with the Efficient Dynamics system on it so that this powerful car of BMW is going to have very few CO2 emissions namely 109 grams per kilometer.

Also, this BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics also gets an extra 20 horsepower making it to develop a total of 195 horsepower. So you see that the objective wasn’t to make this car much powerful but they still did that making to feel like there is still a difference comparing to the non ED version.

If you don’t know if you should buy such a car or not, I will tell you that this car makes you pay a lot of few taxes when you buy such a car and it also has some bigger performances the non ED version. Also, it is said that it is going to cost £27,820 and will be launched this year.


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