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VIDEO: Joy is Racing. Joy is BMW.

I’m very happy when a new video comes out from BMW. Wondering why? It’s quite simple. I don’t have to write carefully all the technical, design and so on details, I can talk freely about the video, its idea, the feeling that the video is giving me, more exactly, the joy.

In your journey on BMWCoop you find that Joy is Futureproof, BMW is Joy and now, we find that Joy is Racing.

The way for expressing that Joy is Racing, is using a BMW M3 GT on the circuit. Here we are on the Sebring circuit with the BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team. We find directly from the M3′s drivers if Joy is really Racing. I can talk all day long about this subject, ocassionaly, it’s nice to see the things over their appearances, to forgot for a moment the conflicts, and other ordinary things. That’s why I can proudly say that BMW is Joy!

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