BMW models built in China, designed JUST for the Chinese Market

Bavarians from BMW will build a series of models in China together with partners from Brilliance Auto. To do this as fast as possible, those from Brilliance stopped the production at the factory in China where is built the Chinese version of the BMW 3 Series, to re-equip the plant in question.

You probably heard about the news saying that BMW X1 will be built in China, if not, check it here. Alot of people are concerned about this news, it’s normal to preffer anything built, to be, for example, in Germany, not in China. Now we are talking about the BMW X1, 1 Series, 3 Series and 5 Series. It’s true that these models will be built in China, but a very important fact that was missed is that these models that will be built in China are designed only for the Chinese market!

So, you don’t have to worry if you are about to buy a BMW model, if you are not from China, obviously. But even if you are from China, let’s put this fact out of context, you are not buying a Chinese car, you are buying a BMW, a Bavarian manufacturer, so you haven’t anything to worry, the Bavarian quality is still kept.

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  1. NSSAmeliexiygm says:

    Should the selling individual never make this call, the original dealership will never know the car was sold, that the auto extended warranty was not used, and, therefore, never issue a refund. Not to forget the ease with which you travel; you are completely free to stop wherever and whenever you want. A smaller car, it is still expected to pick up some buyers who would have gone with Toyota or Mazda.

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