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More about BMW 7 Series by Vorsteiner

I, personally, got used to wrote a post in two episodes, the first one for the main details, and the second one, like this post, offering more details about the respective model, or news. As you got used, at the beginning of the second post I give you the link of the first post, in this case Aesthetic kit for BMW 7 Series by Vorsteiner, where you can find the main details, as I told you.

Those from Vorsteiner are offering with the BMW 750i also the new V-102 Forged 21-inch Monoblock rims along with the VR-7 Sportiv Aero aesthetic package. These wheels are fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires on 255/30-21 for the front and 285/30-21 for the rear wheels.

Optionally, the Bavarian luxury saloon can be equipped with a H&R sport suspension that lowers the ground clearance of this model with 48 mm and provides extra firmness. The wheels can be ordered in the following shades: Brushed Aluminum, Chrome, Gunmetal, Black, Silver, Textured Black and Texture Gunmetal.

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