BMW profit decreased by 36.5 percent in 2009


Although the profit of BMW decreased by 36.5 percent last year, the Bavarian manufacturer is hoping that the new 5 Series to significantly increase the sales from last year. Germans at BMW have revealed the financial results for 2009 and presented an optimistic perspective for the future. Although the BMW profit in 2009 dropped by 36.5 percent, reaching 210 million euros in 2009, the Bavarians regard these figures with uptimism and say that they managed far better than their competitors. They have compared the results with from Daimler, which lost 2.6 billion euros in 2009.

BMW is hoping in the new 5 Series F10 that will start this spring. Bavarians created also a long wheelbase version of this model for the China market, the largest automobile market in the world, hoping to sell the model in an impressive rate.

According to German publication Auto Motor und Sport, the demand for the new BMW 5 Series F10 will be so big that the factory in Dingolfing will have to work at full capacity for at least three months and will need people from other BMW factories in Germany to honour all the orders for 5 Series.

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