BMW entry-level model for 2013, a rival for Audi A1

The Bavarian manufacturer has announced that it will develop in the near future a small class premium model, based on the platform of the next Mini Cooper. Thus, BMW may use the front-wheel drive and reduce costs.

Geneva Auto Show generated a lot of questions but a lot of answers. The launching of the first small class premium model in Audi’s history generated many rumors in BMW‘s camp, who thinks more and more to give birth to a rival, ready to share the same platform and same components with the concern brothers over the English Channel, namely Mini.

Norbert Reithofer, the executive president from BMW, admitted in a interview at Geneva, that there are currently plans for creating a model positioned below the current 1 Series. Recent studies have shown that there is still demand for premium vehicles in the segment of small cars, despite the global crisis. If Audi has launched the A1 and Mercedes is preparing ForFour to bring back to public, BMW have to react.

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