BMW M1 Sketch based on 1-Series

The fans don’t give up: the M-Power logo should be on every BMW model, even on the 1-Series. Here we have a pretty interesting proposal for how should look a BMW M1. A fan of the Bavarian cars, especially those wearing the M logo, designed a rendering of a future BMW 1-Series M, about officials in Munich have announced that will be in range from 2011 – unfortunately, we won’t see this model, even as a concept at Geneva in 2010.

The rendering tries to make the little 1-Series a true member of the BMW Motorsport family. First, we see the wheels with the specifically M design, probably of 20″, highlighted by the lowered suspension. On the side, we also note the thresholds with ventilation slots for the rear brakes, but also the slots on the front wings.

At the rear, the trunk’s lid is changed, having integrated a small spoiler, the speaker and the four discharges are strongly highlighted, while at the laterals of the rear spoiler are highlighted some ventilation slots. About the front part is speculate to be extremely aggressive, exceeding the quotas of the spoiler offered in the M-Sport package.

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