VIDEO: BMW attacking Audi in a new commercial

BMW is launching a subtle attack against the Audi brand and against the technology used by them through a new advertising from “Joy is Futureproof” campaign. We wrote an article about the “Joy is Futureproof” commercial, you can watch it here, and we recommend you to watch the video because is very well made.

If you don’t know, there is a big dispute between Audi and BMW manufacturers. Each one is struggling to show that their brand is the best, their cars are the most efficient and so on. Audi realeased almost two weeks ago a commercial attacking BMW, you can see it below:

At that time, I would said that the American division of the Audi has created a new spot that attacks their eternal rivals BMW. It remains to be seen if the Bavarians will respond with an equally powerful spot. I can’t told you which of the spots is more powerful, you can decide it. We would like to share with us your opinion, so, you can leave a comment, thank you!

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