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VIDEO: BMW ActiveHybrid 5 – Front, Rear and Side Views

We presented you here the official images and details provided by BMW for the ActiveHybrid based on 5-Series, known as ActiveHybrid 5. Now we will see the ActiveHybrid 5 in some presentation videos.

BMW has developed a number of strategies to control the hybrid system of the new model based 5-Series and one of them involves monitoring the route that the driver will follow via GPS maps in order to use fewer the hybrid drive train.

Thus, this model would predict a curve or a place where the driver will be forced to slow down, leading to preparation for regeneration a large quantity of kinetic energy. For now, those from BMW said that the hybrid version is the 535i is 10% more efficient than its standard version. These are the informations for now, below you can see the videos, and for the main details check the link at the beginning of the article, if you missed it.

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