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Confirmed BMW 5 Series Wagon

Some time ago we told you that this BMW 5 Series Touring was not going to be built anymore but those were just rumors and by reading the title I think you already know that those rumors proved to be wrong, or at last a part of them, there are some big chances for this BMW 5 Series Touring not to be built in U.S. anymore.

The first reason is that the double-hinged hatchback BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo had very few sales in U.S. so they will probably not build this BMW 5 Series Touring in there anymore but the Europeans shouldn’t worry because in Europe, that car had a lot of sales.

We also know that this BMW 5 Series Touring is going to have the premiere at the 2010 Auto Mobil International show also known as 2010 AMI. Note that what I told you in this post are not rumors.


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