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Manhart Racing Tuning Package for BMW M3

The German tuner Manhart Racing already prepared the potent BMW M3, adding a compressor to the V8 engine. You may wonder why I tell you this? The reason is the horses that BMW M3 Manhart Racing now develops: 655! How many horsepower can develop a series BMW M3? 420 hp – which is a very good value. However, if you really need to be the man among your friends with M3s, you can call to Manhart Racing. Which suggests a power upgrade of over 200 hp.

By grafting an ASA compressor, with the pressure of 0.67 bar, a larger discharge and two racing catalytic converters, BMW M3 reach the impressive power of 655 hp. This means that the M3 can reach 0-100 km/h in 3,7 seconds (with one second faster than the production model) and a maximum speed of 350 km/h.

Of course, such power entails a change of suspension (Bilstein origin) and braking system (taken from the BMW M5), while the 20″ wheels are from BBS. For those who may have a budget problem, or why not, with the power, Manhart Racing offers two upgrade programs: one of 585 hp and the other of 515 hp.

Manhart Racing manages to exceed the record of another tuner, G-Power, who led the V8 from the M3 to a maximum of 635 hp. And certainly, the struggle for supremacy in the M3′s power does not end here.

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