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Conclusions according to the tests that Inside Line made with BMW X6 ActiveHybrid

I must say that after reading deeply the details released by Inside Line after testing a BMW X6 ActiveHybrid I realized that BMW was kind of wrong when they said the output power for this car and I can’t think that they lied about it, they would know that they would have a lot of trouble if they would lie.

The guys from Inside Line told us that BMW X6 ActiveHybrid is able to develop up to 368 horsepower and a maximum torque of 402 lb-ft while BMW told us that BMW X6 ActiveHybrid is able to develop up to 480 horsepower and also a maximum torque of 575 lb-ft.

You may say that there is place for an error but this error is way too much, they should do something about it. I would prefer not to give $92,325 for a BMW X6 ActiveHybrid instead of buying a much powerful BMW X6 M.

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  1. its one of the best car in the world

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