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Zooming into the BMW X6 Performance package coming at Geneva Motor Show

Fans of the X6 model will can see at Geneva Motor Show how the Bavarian SAC with the newest Performance kit, prepared by BMW. It comes with a considerable contribution of power and a sporty design. BMW will bring to Geneva a performance package for the actual X6, which includes a number of aesthetic elements but also a contribution of power.

Bavarians have attempted to provide SAC a more sporty look by introducing an aerodynamic kit that includes an extension for the front bumper, side sills, a sports exhaust with chrome endings, a discreet rear spoiler mounted on the tailgate and a set of 21-inch black rims.

German engineers have chosen to modify the performances of the gasoline versions of the model, preferring to not touch the diesel options. The top of the range, more exactly the xDrive50i version, has, after treatment of sports division, the addition of 41 horsepower, which goes up the total resources to 448 horses. Torque have been also increased by 50 Nm, thus, totaling 650 Nm.

The xDrive35i version has not been forgotten, the BMW X6 benefited an infusion of 20 horsepower and 50 Nm, which climbs total resources to 326 horses and 450 Nm. Performance package for the two versions of the X6 model improves their acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, xDrive50i managing to pull 5.2 seconds while his younger brother is pleased with just 6.5 seconds.

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