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Photos and details about BMW X1 tuned by AC Shcnitzer

I guess that this is the first tuning package for the new lovely BMW X1 and I feel honored to talk about it because since I saw for the first time photos with BMW X1 and also the details about it, I fell in love with it and you should know that this tuning package makes this car to be more awesome.

This BMW X1 xDrive23d tuned by AC Schnitzer can now develop up to 240 hp while the BMW X1 xDrive20d tuned by AC Schnitzer can develop 210 hp. These upgrades are also available for BMW X1 sDrive.

The main features of this AC Schnitzer tuning package are a new suspension system with a spring kit, an aluminum strut brace and also a new aerodynamic package. These photos with this tuning package is like showing to me another car than the original BMW X1 or a facelift or anything like this.


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