BMW 6-Series / Spy Photos

Spy photos with BMW 6 Series Cabrio

I must say that I don’t remember the last time when we talked about this BMW 6 Series Cabrio but here we have the chance again to talk about this car because it was spied as you see while it was being tested in Munich.

Comparing these spy photos with this BMW 6 Series Cabrio with the last spy photos captured some time ago, these ones are revealing something in plus namely the rear lights which is very cool comparing to the regular rear lights from the prototypes namely the conical ones, these ones are also revealing a bit from the final product.

Anyway, if this may be enough to you, I tell you that you shouldn’t because here we have something more namely a center brake light system which can be found at the center of the boot lid and also, this brake light system is similar to the one from the last version.


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