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New Photos with BMW X6M CLR Lumma

We wrote you recently here about the BMW X6M CLR by Lumma, here we have some new renderings. This Lumma CLR X650M is not a ladies car going to shopping nor of a young manager who goes to a conference, the owner must come “in standard” with well defined biceps and tattoos.

BMW X6M have from mother nature an aggressive style, brutal, but the apogee is achieved by tuning, Lumma CLR X650M, which can be compared in terms of appearance of “bad boy” with a bodyguard, shaved and tattooed, ready to move some jaws.

The massive gauge of the SUV is hyperbolized by the prominent aesthetic kit with large carved intakes into the front bumper and in the back. A dose of steroids is granted also by the 23-inch black rims, matching with tinted lamps and rear spoiler. But has a charm sprang from the same motivation that causes men to prefer action films at the expense of romantic comedies.

X650M name is drawn not only from the original title, but the horses under the hood. Power was increased from 555 hp to 650 hp, in terms of acceleration, the changes are translated in 4.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h and 312 km/h top speed. BMW X650M CLR Lumma will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in about a month.

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